CBM Services Inc. is focused to stay on the forefront of technology. That is why we fully utilize the latest technology available in the industry. We invest each year to keep on the cutting edge. Ultimately, this allows CBM Services to surpass its competitors!

Guaranteed Contracts

Auto Dialer System, increases the efficiency and productivity as the computer dials phone numbers and screens out busy calls, no answers and answering machines. This in turn increases a collector's productivity and efficiency.

SIGNATURE™ IVR® (Interactive Voice Response System

Signature™ IVR is a personalized interactive voice response system that allows debtors and clients to check balance information, make payment arrangements and make other types of transactions, all through a touch-tone phone, eliminating human intervention. (24 hours a day - 7 days a week). This helps CBM Services to fully utilize all available collection hours


Allows CBM Services to take a check by phone and convert it into a check that we will present to the bank.

Credit Bureau Reporting / Retrieving

CBM Services reports consumer accounts to these three major credit reporting agencies: Experian®, formally known as TRW; Trans-Union® and Equifax®.

EDT - Electronic Data Transfer

CBM Services is able to accept accounts via mail, email, fax, modem, disk or FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Web site and E-Mail Addresses:

Clients can check in on the company and send inquiries via the internet by visiting our web site at www.cbmservices.com or by sending email to cbminfo@cbmservices.com